Team Contract

Meetings & Schedules

  • We will use Doodle to schedule convenient meeting times for everyone
  • Our regular meetings will be 30-90 minutes long
  • We will use Skype chats as needed
  • To keep the channels of communication open, we will make ourselves available via google chat, email and WhatsApp
  • We will hold a weekly meeting on Tuesdays at noon in the grad studio.  From there we will either meet there, or move to the Smiley Lab next door to work.
  • Additional meeting will be held as needed at the below listed times which we’ve all agreed work for us.
  • Common Available Times
    • TUE:     12pm ~ 1pm
    • As Necessary
      • THU:     12pm ~ 1pm
      • FRI:     12pm Onwards
      • SAT:     Whole Day
      • SUN:     12pm ~ 2pm, 4pm ~ 7pm
  • Out of Town
    • Priscilla out of town from Jan 27 – Feb 5
    • Loretta out of down April 18-24 (ish)
    • Neo CHI2012-ing on May 4th to 11th
    • Somya out of town Feb 24 – 26
    • Spring Break Plans (9th March ~ 18th March)


  • Group participants will largely share the responsibilities of group work, but when the need arises, ownership will be assigned to specific tasks.
  • Due to the nature of the role of the presenter, it will not be considered a shared task.  An individual will be assigned as the presenter on a rotating basis.
  • Because we are students, we are here to build our skill sets.  But in the interest of time, sometimes the person in the group with the most mastery will be assigned a task, taking away the chance for another group member to learn by doing.  We expect these trade offs and will make an effort to ensure team members get to build their skills without delaying the group’s progress.  When a team member is taking on a task to learn by doing, they will be required to start on it earlier, keep us updated on progress and get feedback as the project progresses.
  • We will leep an eye out on each other’s workload and make sure people who have already done a lot, get a break.
  • We will set specific benchmarks for expected amounts of research and ideas to contribute to weekly discussions.
  • We are prepared to put the goal of the group before our individual vision
  • Our deadlines will include date and time.  If it appears deadlines will need to be stretched, the group will be notified so that schedules can be adjusted.


  • Somya has volunteered for the role of note-taker
  • We will all share the role of moderator.  The moderator makes sure everyone is heard fairly during group discussions.  The moderator also keeps track of time and makes sure the discussion is moving ahead and not going on endlessly without a productive outcome.
  • We will share the responsibility of photography, but Priscilla is already identified as a teammate who is on top of taking photographs of our process.
  • The group will establish a visual identity/templates for slides.


  • The group agrees to participate in ongoing open and honest feedback about performance and meeting deadlines.
  • Will will approach problems by nipping them in the bud through over-communication and friendly but straight-forward feedback.

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