Introducing PAPERCAKE (we have a new name)

Presentation slides for 2 May 2012

© Copyright 2012 Priscilla Mok, Somya Jampala, Zhe Han Neo, Loretta Neal
All rights reserved

Papercake is a a system that helps you learn, organize and share your important documents with the aim of making this necessary task painlesss through digitization and easy sharing & access. But the system’s real value-add is in the learning. Your documents will integrate with action plans which are papercake’s step-by-step instructions that walk you through your life goals and milestones.

Papercake is not just about documents; it’s about people’s lives.


We would like to thank the many people who helped us in our project.  Here are all the people who helped make papercake possible (in no particular order).

Ahmed Ansari
Alice Jun
Amy Lee
Andrea Moed
Andy Wallace
Anna VonReden
Ben Klein
Bill Thompson
Brian Brown
Bruce Hannington
Cassandra Weiss
Charlotte Ho
Conall Dempsey
Daniel MacGregor
David Mok
Don Baumer
Edward Neal
Ellen Falvo
Erica Gatts
Eric Spaulding
Jade Hu
Jeff Lipson
Jen Briselli
Jenny He
Jessamyn Miller
John Gruen
Kevin Armendariz
Kimberly Harvey
Kinnari Thakker
Lain Pierce
Lynn Sandberg
Maggie Weiss
Manan Chandra
Max Neal
Megan Gilligan
Michael McNeely
Monica Yue
Neetu Chopra
Nicole Farmer
Oscar Frias
Parita Kapadia
Paul Speyer
Paul Meritt
Peter Merholz
Peter Scupelli
Rebecca Pinn
Roy Shin
Susan Lewis
Todd Zaki Warfel
Tom McNeely
Wes Johnson

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