04.16.2012 / We have a name for our system!

Slides for Motorola and Microsoft for Monday, April 16 presentation (7.4 MB)

After listing 60+ names for our system and ours of discussion, we ended up with the first name we thought of! And if you have been following our blog, it wouldn’t be hard to understand why is it called gyst.

The user can interact with gyst in three ways. They can digitize their physical documents by uploading and also access them from Desktop and mobile application.  They will interact with cloud service for learning and storage.

System Map

We have been working on our proposed system’s business model and filled business model canvas from book Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur .

We would partner with various institutions like banks and utility companies to send bills and statements of our users to gyst.
Also, we’ll have various retailers and companies to sponsor targeted promotions in terms of rewards and coupons on gyst.
Again, the user will interact with gyst in terms of learning, organizing and sharing and redeem coupons from retailers and companies.


We are going to generate revenue for gyst in two ways: One is through sponsored coupons and rewards from retailers and companies i.e targeted recommendations based on step of action plan. Second is through unlimited subscription for users. All users will get access to 5 action plans for free. The premium subscription will allow usage of unlimited action plans for an yearly fee. Which will allow them to set unlimited action goals and learn the steps for their goals.


We analyzed different goals against existing solutions. Most of the existing solutions focus on guidance through financial and legal documents but they don’t really help in organizing them.

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