Our project turns up in the news

It’s always a good feeling when a news article validates your design concept.  Team Quarter Hot Cakes found such an  article on NPR.org, “You Should Keep Tax Records — But How, And For How Long?”  on how to deal with your tax documents.

Regarding all those tax documents, personal finance  writer Kimberly Lankford recommends keeping them as long as possible.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new filing cabinet to store all those papers, as she tells NPR’s David Greene, in an interview for Monday’s Morning Edition.

“These days, you can just digitize — scan it, take a picture of it with your cellphone,” Lankford says, “put it on the computer, and then you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Lankford didn’t name any apps [for keeping your documents]— but some of the most popular ones are from Mint, Pageonce and Adaptu. More comprehensive — and expensive — options include PC programs such as those from Quicken (which, like TurboTax, is an Intuit product) and You Need a Budget. Those services also offer mobile versions of their software.”

But we would like to ask, when does all that comprehensive data start to really mean something to the user?  How does it map to their lives, their hopes and dreams?

That’s just the point of failure in the existing systems that we’d like to solve. And we’re working on it.  As I write.

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