Design workshop photos

Our team works hard.  How hard?  Organized a design workshop in 3 days and scheduled it for the first day of spring break hard!

We had five workshop participants who did card sorting and collaging.

Card sort 1 and 2

We had participants do two card sorts with the same deck of 80 cards.

On the cards were types of important documents (i.e. health insurance policy, emergency contacts, credit card bills) and life activities (i.e. establishing a 401K, buying a house, preparing for an emergency).

First, an open cart sort

They were instructed to sort the cards into whatever piles and categories they saw fit.  When finished, they labeled each pile with a post-it note.

We conducted follow up interviews to understand their piles and labels.  Above you see piles labeled “Meh”, “Goals”, and “Why?”.

Second card sort: What’s on your radar?

For the second card sort, we asked users to place the cards on a large paper target, signifying what’s on the center of their radar, the middle or totally off their radar.  We then recorded the results and followed up with interview questions.


Collage your current organizational system, your future/ideal system and how you get from one to the other

The collage activity asked people to use a folded sheet of paper and to collage their current organizational system and emotions about it on one side of the paper, and a future idealized system on the other side.  Then we asked them to write about a “bridge” between the two that represents what it would take for them to cross from current to ideal state.


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