03.06.2012 / Generative Research Proposal

Generative Research Methods for 'Get your shit together'

We looked at different Generative Research Methods that were discussed in our Research Methods class by Prof. Bruce Hanington. We also tried to understand different methods from book Universal Methods of Design and came up with different ideas for research activities. We as a group discussed the importance of the research activities to understand people in ways that don’t question and evaluate their behavior.

The goals (what we intend to find from these activities) were identified and we brainstormed, ideated, discussed and evaluated all the methods that could possibly help in our project.

Key points towards generative research

We anticipate our generative research phase will consist of two parts, plus a preliminary screening survey:

  • A 2-3 hour design workshop consisting of 3 different activity sessions with 15 participants total with 6-10 participants per session. We may need more than one design workshop session. The workshop activities are:
    Organizational Style Collages
    Savvy Activities and Personal Information Card Sort
    “The Game of Life” Activity
  • An activity book portion which we will aim to collect 5 responses from.

Here’s our  GenerativeResearchProposalFinal document

Next steps are to prepare and plan the activity session that we intend to conduct on Friday, March 9.


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