02.13.2012 User Research

We interviewed around 18 people including young adults aged 18-22, adults who are away from home for education, work or have had stories to share , parents and firemen.

We began our interviews by asking them their thoughts in specific scenarios leading to the questions about how they organize, motivation and barriers towards organizing information in their world.

We also showed them lists of specific documents in categories to understand their preparedness for the specific documents. The categories were Legal, Health insurance, Medical records, Passport, ID, Online logins and passwords, Employment, Spouse, Pets, Parents, Kids, Emergency, Taxes, Investment records, Bank accounts, Credit cards, Loans, Credit record/ score, Education, Vehicle, Major purchases and Residence.

After we got together, we took out interesting facts, insights, findings from the interviews and synthesized them by affinity mapping.

Literature Review Facts:
9 million ID thefts every year
3.9 billion in unclaimed money
33% of the US population rents
1 in 6 Americans move every year

Writing insights on post-its

Affinity mapping of user interview insights

User interview insights

Incidents which motivated people to get organized in their lives

We also did touch stone tours of how people organize their information. Most of the people knew where their stuff was but weren’t sure about its exact location. The most important documents (passport, ID etc.) were kept in colorful folders or unique boxes so that it was easy to retrieve but everything was filed in a secondary place. Some of the pictures from our tours:

Touchstone tour ES: categorize information

Touchstone tour ES: categorization of information

Touchstone tour NC: Primary box and everything else

Touchstone tour JS: multiple locations

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