01.25.12 / Focus area: Emergent situtations preparedness

Territory map brainstorm

We collaborated on Google drawing and Skype to brainstorm different areas of emergent situations. This gave us a clear four need gaps for the problem: consolidation of information from disparate locations, education to prepare in unforeseen situations, sharing important information with some people and access information in different formats at all times.

Information accumulation

As we were brain storming, we sketched out all the information that one accumulates during a lifetime. We realised, as a child, one has a few “keepers” – birth certificate, vaccines, passport. But then we see this huge spike as a teenager once one gets a driver’s licence, bank accounts, school loans, rental agreements, etc. And it’s not until that one gets older, gets married and have to join finances or have ailing parents or children that one begins to engage with these types of documents with any kind of conviction.

Suze Orman Kit

Household Property Inventory Workbook

We also looked into existing solutions towards the problem. Some of these items are more educational teaching of how to be prepared for these life events that would require one to have your information in order  and other solutions keep those documents safe as in the fire proof box.

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