Final Presentation at Microsoft Design Expo ’12

Presentation slides:

Video of the presentation:

Videosketch of how papercake could exist in context of someone’s life:

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Seeking a mentor for starting a start up

Do you know how to start a start up?  Want to be our mentor?

We’re making a public plea to anyone who has entrepreneurial experience in the tech sector who would be interested in working with us about getting Papercake up and running.

Email to get in touch.

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Still buzzing from the expo

If I may toot Papercake’s horn…we killed it during our presentation.  We even got the “Best Product Concept” award.

We want to thank Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design for helping us get to the Design Expo.  We had a blast and are now contemplating doing Papercake as a start up.  (Don’t worry Mom(s), we’ll do it after graduation.)


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Enthusiasm for Papercake abounds at the Expo

We spent 2 hours today talking to Faculty Summit participants about Papercake.  Overwhelmingly, our concept met a positive reception and many were confused that it wasn’t an actual website that they could test in beta.


Now, back to work on refining our script and presentation!

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We’re on a boat!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Argosi Cruise last night across Lake Washington docking in downtown Seattle.  It was a chance to enjoy the beautiful Seattle scenery, meet other Faculty Summit participants and attempt to leave helpful feedback about the overly sugary and waxy cupcake frosting.

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We did a dry run in front of Bill Buxton!

We did a dry run of our presentation in front of Microsoft designer AND Mr. Bill Buxton.  Buxton is a famous author, computer scientist and designer. He is currently a Principal researcher at Microsoft Research. He is known for being one of the pioneers in the human–computer interaction field.

Mr. Buxton had the first comment once we finished which was, “Who the hell are you and why should I trust you with all my documents?” which is a fair point.  Loretta then asked him,  “What online do you trust, if anything?”  Ah, rhetoric. Answering a question with a question.

Our technical rehearsal went well as we continued to iron out glitches in resolution and the careful placement of the clip-on microphone.

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In Redmond, Washington ready for the Microsoft Expo

After a lovely banquet in Bellevue, we’re ready to rehearse our presentation.

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